Great Room

The Station Great Room is a large area with very high ceilings and large leaded glass windows on each end, finished off with a brick fireplace and chimney on one side. The room also offers the use of a service and liquor bar designed to compliment the turn-of-the-century ambience. Washrooms are located just downstairs from the main serving area. For large events, the Great Room can be combined with the Stationmaster’s and Parcel Rooms, the outdoor patio, and the East Room.


The Stationmaster’s & Parcel Rooms are located just off the Great Room and were once the area where CPR employees sold and distributed tickets to travellers. One of the two Stationmaster’s Rooms offers turn-of-the-century fixtures and equipment to build a heritage ambience.

These two rooms are smaller than the other Station areas and are suitable for smaller groups of a dozen to 20 people each. The rooms offer a semi-private atmosphere and are perfect for small events and family get-togethers.


The East Room is our largest seating area and offers the comfort of a double-hearthed fireplace at one end of the room. At the other end of the East Room doors lead to our outdoor patio, overlooking the Station Garden. The garden is kept in much the same form it had when the Station was built in 1910. Furnishings throughout the East Room compliment the Station’s era. Original hardwood floors extend throughout the station.


The Lake Louise Station is a unique venue with great ambience that comes in distinct flavours. First, there’s the Station itself, which offers our four main areas – the Great Room, East Room, the outdoor patio and heritage garden, and the Stationmaster’s & Parcel Rooms. Then, there’s the Delamere, our historic dining car available for special functions any time throughout the season.

If you’d like to book a special event let’s talk!

(403) 522-2600 or send us a message.

The Delamere

The Delamere is just a few steps from the station but offers a completely different dining experience.

The Delamere, built in 1925 to serve as a dining parlour, offers a unique dining experience; one that reflects the truly iconic place railway travel and the Canadian Pacific Railway has in Canada’s history.

It has been restored and updated with detailed, finely crafted woodwork; complimentary fixtures; and modern services. Not to mention a wonderfully intricate liquor/dessert cart we can roll up to guests’ tables.

The Delamere is only available for special functions, weddings, anniversaries, et cetera. The maximum group size is 28.

Please inquire (403) 522-2600 or send us a message.

Gift Shop

The Lake Louise Railway Station offers railway and Lake Louise memorabilia and collectibles, as well as books, games, toys, and other goodies. While you’re visiting us in Lake Louise, please ask to see the gift shop. It’s located at the west side of the Great Room and the Stationmaster’s and Parcel rooms (on the left when you enter the Station).

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