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Delamere Dining Car Interior
The Delamere Dining Car offers the luxury of a Roaring Twenties dining car.

The Lake Louise Station is a "gifted" venue. The Station offers great ambience that comes in distinct flavours. First, there's the Station itself. The Station offers four areas--the Station Great Room, the Station East Room, the outdoor patio area, and the Stationmaster's & Parcel Rooms.


The Great Room


The Station Great Room is a large area with very high ceilings and large leaded glass windows on each end, finished off with a brick fireplace and chimney on one side. The room also offers the use of a service and liquor bar designed to compliment the turn-0f-the-century ambience. Washrooms are located just downstairs from the main serving area.


For large events, the Great Room can be combined with the Stationmaster's and Parcel Rooms, the outdoor patio, and the East Room.


The Station Dining Room
The Station Dining Room offers the comfort of a two-hearthed wood burning fireplace at one end. The other end offers a view of the outdoor patio area and the Station Garden.

The East Room


The East Room is our largest seating area and offers the comfort of a two-hearthed fireplace at one end of the room. At the other end of the East Room doors lead to our outdoor patio, overlooking the Station Garden. The garden is kept in much the same form it had when the Station was built in 1910.


Furnishings througout the East Room are complimentary to the room and the Station era. Original hardwood floors extend through the East Room, into the Great Room, and on to the Stationmaster's & Parcel Rooms.


The Outdoor Patio Area


Summer days on the outdoor patio area are simply wonderful. You can look out over the heritage garden and its green grass, colourful flowers, and blue sky.


The Station outdoor patio area overlooking the Station heritage garden
The outdoor patio area offers views of the Station's well-maintained heritage garden, which extends approximately 300 feet beyond the Station patio.

The patio offers the use of a number of umbrellas in case the sunshine is too bright. An antique stove doubles as decoration and a serving station to allow quick delivery to your guests. This area is perfect if you've got energetic youngsters to feed. Children can enjoy themselves in the garden before and after eating--all within eyesight of you and your guests on the patio.


The "Stationmaster's & Parcel Rooms"


The Stationmaster's & Parcel Rooms are located just off the "Great Room " and used to be the area where CPR employees sold and handed out tickets to travellers. One of the two Stationmaster's Rooms offers turn-of-the-century fixtures and equipment to build a heritage ambience.


These two rooms are smaller than the other Station areas and are suitable for smaller groups of a dozen to 20 people each. The rooms offer a semi-private atmosphere and are perfect for small events and family get-togethers.


The Station outdoor patio area overlooking the Station heritage garden
This photo shows the Stationmaster's Room, which can accommodate groups of between 12 and 20 people. The Stationmaster's Room is just the other side of a hallway separating it from the Parcel Room, which can also serve between 12 and 20 people.

The Delamere Dining Car


Ever wonder what it was like to be a railway tycoon? You don't have to when you dine in the Delamere Dining Car--built in 1925 to serve as a dining parlour. The railway car has been restored and upgraded to today's standards without losing any of its Roaring Twenties luxury. Detailed and finely crafted woodwork is featured everywhere in the Delamere. It even features its own wonderfully intricate liquor and dessert cart we can roll up to your guests' tables.


Right next to the Delamere Dining Car is another treat--the Killarney. The Killarney is an original 1906 railcar used by the CPR's third President Lord Thomas C. Shaughnessy. The Killarney offers one room at the back of the car, fitting small groups to a tee. On a sunny summer day people can sit with the windows and door open and look out over the scenery, just as Lord Shaughnessy must have from time to time.


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